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Wall of Fame Day 3

Historical Day!

In a performance that superseded all our expectations, at this years Bracknell Southern Teamgym Tournament, the 3 NW teams entered secured 1 Gold and 2 Silver’s. Whoop Whoop!

Whilst daunting competing against all the Southern Clubs who have purpose built facilities. Your truly remarkable performance of execution is what shone through and a great confidence booster for the future.

Stunning performance Warriors. Stunning results. Stunning SHAAAAPE’S!

The Straighter the shape the better the Twist.

Warrior in mid transition


Double back time is here. Pre requisite, high tuck to stand at 1.5 x head height.

Stunning work Warrior. Fantastic Set. Fantastic development. Now on to the next phase…

For the Greg Roe Special on the 17th April and all Nicky’s WorkShop Easter Camps

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Wall of Fame Day 2

Body Tension and Strong arms.

The stronger the body the tighter the shape. Another definite candidate for this years selection. Fantastic work. Those arms!

Well done Warrior

Straight Front off Trampette

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