Original Warriors Tribute

The reason why we are here. The Original Warriors!

A day I will never forget.

The Greatest of All Time

There’s one thing a coach can not give any athlete…Heart. As the great man so eloquently describes it come from within. This team from 1 to 10 had Ali’s mentality in abundance.

In 2011 the International cup was in its embryonic years. Its popularity now has risen sharply. However back then at the elite level male and female teams competed against each other for the title.

Whilst unique in this aspect, there were obvious biological advantages to the male teams, especially on difficulty.

A team nurtured by Nicky with one outside addition, rose to the challenge and took on the boys in Grand Canarias

1st run…

Never having competed abroad was an attracting proposition to these gymnasts but having witnessed them live in battle the challenge of what stood before them was the real attraction that they could not resist.

2rd Run

Knowing they could not control the others teams difficulty advantage, they endeavoured to being the best they could be.

3rd Run…

Now we wait….

Oh my goodness, nearly 3 clean runs was unprecedented in those days. As teams were pushing the boundaries to gain more points, some moves were…lets say not autonomous and falls were common place.

My biggest regret to date in TeamGym was this very moment. Not appreciating the greatness of the performance I had just witnessed. Furthermore the character of that team. It all happened within my first 6 months coaching with Nicky. I just took it for granted that this is how teamgym was. This is how all athletes train.

8 years on I now realise its how ‘They’ trained and how Nicky coached them, and how as a team they fought for one another. As adults now, mothers, teachers, doctors, the list goes on…but if I’d know your were that good I would of called Spielberg rather than using an I pad.

NOOOO…Note to self should of charged it
Only Silver medal shot we could find in the archives but those that were there know!

Form is temporary Class is permanent. Thank you all as your class has inspired the next generation of Warriors.

Hope this tribute goes someway in repaying my naivety. Or at the very least gives you something to show whomever, the outstanding performance on display. On that day you truly were exceptional.

Until we meet again, Take a bow…

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Thank you all for inspiring the next generation.

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