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How its sounds to be a NW Warrior…

Please turn the volume up!

Tribute to The Best Parental Support in the World

A few Trainee Warriors (aged 5-7)
upon hearing that their development had reached competition standard, have asked what it’s like to compete?

Our reply of 1st have fun. Because whats the point of competing if you don’t enjoy it. Secondly, irrespective of the result, the support from your parents ‘The Loud & Proud Posse’ and the bond with your team mates will remain with you for life. Left them somewhat perplexed…

In the interest of transparency for all those who asked, here is raw uncut footage form 1066 Hastings. No edits. No titles. Just the full performance courtesy of Steve Walker Photography.

Hopefully this explains why they are called the L&PP.

So thank you parents for giving these gymnasts the support they truly deserve and for giving them a memory for life.

So Warriors Are You Readeeeeeee…..?

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It’s not what you got it’s how you use it….

Over the years, I’m always amazed at what kids can do in the right environment. I used to think it meant having the latest modern equipment with flashing logos. However Nix has taught me that the right atmosphere is crucial to development…

Come and unleash the warrior within you