Step by Steppers…

The truth will always out…

The road to glory is never an easy one. However over the course of anyone’s coaching career you’re going to come across those athletes who all you need to do is guide them. As they bring everything else to the party themselves.

As mentioned before, heart and desire can not be instilled by a coach. That comes from within. Over the next few months we will be showcasing that passion and the results from always trying to improve

Episode 1

We salute you Warrior for the visual definition of the name

Stay tuned for the next episode featuring a different character same ethos


  • Wayne Stepney

    Wow this really shows the progression that Aimée (steppers) has made with this outstanding family run club.If I’m honest it actually bought a tear to my eye seeing the story unfold.Despite the injury’s she has always bounced back and that down to all of you getting her confidence back.Thank you for sharing this video and long my your success continues to grow and more and more warriors will be created ..

Hi and thank you for reading

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