Social Media Pub Conversation Blew My Mind…

Who Knew?

Who do you think was right?

Have you ever eavesdropped a conversation so compelling that you involved yourself?

Whilst enjoying the stunning weather in a pub garden, 2 gentlemen on an adjacent table were discussing the success of their own social media accounts. The conversation was very amicable as they traded various statistics back and forth until it came to followers. You could feel the underlying egocentric tension building and I felt myself mentally drawn into umpiring the debate…

How can you say your strategy is better, when I’ve 16 Thousand followers, and looking to push through the 20k mark?

Impressive stuff I thoughtFifteen Love

Agreed you have 4 times the followers, however they’re spread all over the world. Where ours are concentrated locally. Giving us local Revenue, and easier Logistics. With the chance to geographically meet our clients.

Touché never thought of thatFifteen All

But with the modern delivery systems and collection points why would a global following worry you logistically? I’m quite happy that our customers receive a good service all over the world.

We use amazon and eBay collection points therefore valid point… Thirty Fifteen

Yes I do agree that you can do that, however if one of your best customers lives overseas, how often do you meet them? I really enjoy regular meetings with our best clients and building relationships.

Very good point… Thirty All

Skype, Or any other electronic facetime media easily gets us around that logistical problem.

In this modern world that’s a great pointForty Thirty

Yes but you can’t beat the personal touch. For example I played golf with a local client recently and we found out our children have the same Dance teacher. Which I would have never found out on a Skype call where as 4 hours in his company we discussed various different topics away from business making the bond between us stronger.


At this point I was none the wiser of whom the victor may be of this thrilling battle. However I must confess to being infinitely wiser because of their conversation.

It seems to me whilst they both may have different approaches, each method could be argued as effective as one another.

For me it was a fascinating insight as both made fantastic arguments or at least it was compelling enough for me to become Mr nosey.

Whoever you were, I thank you for the Education. As a newbie to social media it gave me food for thought and hopefully by sharing could help someone else.

Have a great day all

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