Harmony = The Definition of Dedication

She will achieve anything she wants to achieve in life

As she proved…

Harmony’s road to success is the perfect example to any gymnast who fears the next stage of development. Commonly known as a ‘block’ is usually the fear of going into the unknown. Add the increased risk factor of linking the next move, its easy to see why at a young age they can be reluctant.

To overcome any fear, a full understanding of what the trigger point of the fear is, is crucial. Then together with the gymnast we can rationalise around the problem, to find the correct preps for a solution to said problem.

In these cases NW empowers the gymnast with all the knowledge to help them find their own way through with constant support.

Wow what a prep. Harmony aged 11

The above Prep written by herself for a Handspring Tuck is truly amazing. The biomechanical understanding is mind blowing. A future coach in the making!

Furthermore week after week she prepped hard and worked her socks off. With Development coach Dan Ford’s constant encouragement, whilst supporting every prep. Including every Standing flick and every linked Round off flick on tumble (trust me that’s hard work) eventually after 2 hardworking years…

She cracked it. Well done Harmony. Your dedication is a lesson to us all. Your a true Warrior and a lesson in Dream Believe Achieve

I did it

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