Like buses you wait ages for one then 2 come along.

As Megan & Erin proved…

Tuesday night was one of those occasions where everywhere we looked, another gymnast was adding that little something extra to their ongoing development.

Amongst a truly remarkable night of 1st time moves were these 2 bad boys! First up…Megan’s first ever unsupported Round Off Flick.

Megan’s 1st ever linked ROF

So proud of you Megan after months of prepping and overcoming your fears.

Secondly…After making the breakthrough of linking the Round Off Flick a few months back, Erin has tirelessly worked on the next phase of adding a rotation.

By executing multiple ROF repetitions with a jump at the end, Erin quickly gained the strength and courage to try and…

It gives us great pleasure in showing her 1st ever supported Round Off Flick Tuck. Whoop Whoop!

Erin’s 1st Rotation after her beautiful ROF

Stunning performance, stunning nights development, and for those not featured stay tuned as we will be releasing this month’s development series over the next few weeks.

Keep up the great work Warriors

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