The Race to 360…

Featuring Ruby, Ellie, Natalie, Tianne, Thea and Flo (get well soon).

Week 1 of Real Time Development…

Let the battle commence!

When developing a new move, going into unknown territory can be extremely frustrating to any gymnast especially when twisting.

To gain an extra 1/4 or 1/2 twist in the air may sound simple, but in reality relies heavily on improved biomechanics, multiple preps and the will to get it round.

To have fellow team mates alongside experiencing the same problems and fears, greatly reduces their individual frustrations (Love TeamGym). Furthermore their team mates passionate support from the side lines increases the will to succeed.

For the first time ever these brave gymnasts are allowing us to publicly show their real time development.

By documenting their weekly sessions in pursuit of the 360 including the thrills and spills, hopefully it will show what it really takes to become a Warrior.

Sunday 1st of June 2019 3hr Squad Session

First up, warming up the body and getting in to rhythm

Pre requisite warm up of RO/F Tucks and Straights

During the warm up gymnasts perform multiple combinations of Straight Back Land-Jump halves. Straight Halves to stacked mats. Prep stations for ankle conditioning to cope with the extreme centrifugal landing forces.

Conditioning is a crucial element for any NW member as we have no Foam Pit or Resin Landings.

We can then add some Kinesthetics to help the gymnasts feel the 1/2 in the air to land

Tianne after a 2 year lay off getting used to her new ‘Much Longer body’

The Warriors first Brave unsupported attempts because as stated earlier they have no bail out, no foam pit, no soft cushioned floor. Their courage to even try humbles us every session.

Tuesday 4th of June 2019 2hr Squad session

Continuing Sundays progress…

Fantastic efforts, Aside from the obvious biomechanical flaws, the understanding and courage to try is quite simply first class. Now its up to us to implement the correct coaching points and preps to correct, (video of prep work coming soon). However whilst they were buzzing…

Over and over they tried…

Fantastic efforts before the Bio corrections

Little by little they made small adjustments until…

Bravo Warriors fantastic work but there was more to come…

To our amazement Natalie progressed so quickly we added the Jump half

Tianne after getting used to her new body was not satisfied with learning a new move backwards, decided to see what it was like twisting forwards…

Remarkable considering her 24 month sabbatical

And finally here is Kadie who is in a completely different race to 900 showing us even when you fall, fall with style.

Bravo Warrior Panache indeed

Race to 900 coming soon

In summary a fantastic 5 hours of development across 2 sessions. Stay tuned for tonight session Thursday 6th of June

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