Race to 360 Part 2…

Wow wow wow! Warriors you smashed it.

Featuring Ruby, Natalie, Tianne, Thea, Flo (whom is still recovering) and new entry from ‘Dark Horse’ Terry .

The development from the gymnasts has been so fast that the race is already over.

It seems the planned weekly slots of future updates on their real time development, was presumptuous on my part. Therefore I offer all Warriors my sincere apologies for misjudging how quickly you would progress.

To achieve what you have all done in 5 sessions is quite remarkable.

The results

In 1st place Natalie who only took 2 hrs on day 1.

Her progress to 360 was so rapid we missed recording the 1st one as it was supposed to be a 180.

Stunning performance Nats. Gaining her automatic entry in to the Race for 540. The ability to understand and implement the correct coaching points is Natalie’s strength. Add to that her 100% commitment to be better than she was yesterday on every run, makes her a formidable opponent in any race for development.

Bravo Warrior. Stunning performance. A victory well deserved.

Nat’s 1st 360 Jump Half Sunday 1st June 2019

The speed of her development could only be rivalled by Usain Bolt.

In Joint 2nd place Ellie & Terry

After numerous whole hearted attempts (see race for 360) gaining more spatial awareness, Ellie found it. Furthermore repeatedly landed it. Her fantastic round off flick coupled with her phenomenal power allowed her to eventually do this…

Jump Step Round Off Flick Straight Full. Wow!

Neatness aside, the power and confidence needed to even attempt this move considering it is in its embryonic stages of development meant that when she was then allowed to run…

Ellie Running ROF Straight Full

The height gained with more momentum allowed her to add a 1/4 in the Air. Bravo Warrior. Stunning Development.

Simultaneously Terry was receiving some Kinaesthetics in his pursuit of the 360…

Until finally he did this…

Terry’s unsupported 360

To be the only Prince amongst Queens in this race, shows his fortitude and strength of character. Furthermore to come second in a field of rapid developers is testament to how good he really is. Bravo Warrior. Stunning Development.

In Joint 3rd place Ruby & Tianne

Ruby and Tianne have been tirelessly working on improving their DISH shapes. ‘The tighter the shape the better the twist’. So whilst they may be behind a week or…Correction a session or 2 at this rate, its important to keep in mind that a superior shape will not only catch up, it will increase the possibility to multiple twist.

Watch your Backs they’re coming.

Ruby’s Straight Half

Ruby’s new improved dish in the air making her 180 easier to perform. A 360 will surely follow. Bravo Warrior Stunning Development.

Tianne’s showing her new improved body tension and spatial awareness in Sensei hands

I think the Height and Flight is secured and Nix might have to wear high heels at this rate. Fantastic development. Bravo Warrior.

Finally Thea and Flo

Thea is probably one of the strongest athletes in our club. She never tires, never gets hurt, and never quits. In addition, in the air is probably one of, if not the best shape isometrically. As mentioned above this is a perfect platform for future development. Furthermore upon completion of the 360 will minimise deductions due to the near perfect shape.

Bravo Warrior. Stunning Development

Finally Pocket Rocket Flo. Without doubt the most dedicated young athlete we possess with unlimited potential. Training with the senior squad is no mean feat when you’re young but below is the reason why she does…

Flo on fire in the race for 360

Unfortunately a bout of sickness prevented her attending any more sessions last week. However on the evidence above, 1st and second place would have been closely contested.

Fantastic development Warrior.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Therefore rather than promising a weekly development series for the Race to 540 and 720, I’m gonna announce that it is open and show the results in an unspecified time to alleviate further embarrassment to myself.

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