The Government is coming…Who?

Now we know we are officially old.

Have you ever given a gift to someone that you were so excited about, that you could not wait to give it to them. Only to be met by a perplexed face completely the opposite to the reaction you had anticipated.

Last night session was indicative of the above

With our in house tournament soon approaching as a reward for all their hard work we wanted to give the gymnasts something special.

With pride in our hearts we announced to the gymnasts that Henry Smith MP is going to attend our in house tournament on Sunday 21st July

Their bemused look and silence was making me extremely conscious of the grey hairs visible on my scalp. However when the questions starting firing ‘Is he going to judge us? What gymnastic position does he hold? Is he the head of British Gymnastics? What…..

At that moment we realised our youngest members have no knowledge of Parliament.

So we set about educating them in current affairs and explained that your local MP is responsible for all of us living in this town and has a say in the laws that govern our town and the country.

Wow, so he’s really important then!


Well what if I fall in front of him? Now I’m nervous? Can we get a picture with him?

It was at that moment we knew it was going to be a long night.

In conclusion we are so proud that Henry Smith MP is coming to NW and after an eventful political evening….. the gymnasts are too!

Whoop Whoop!

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