West Sussex Community Initiative Fund Say Yes!

Whoop Whoop!

We are pleased to announce that after another successful funding meeting the West Sussex (CIF) have kindly pledged £1000 to our https://www.spacehive.com/where-warriors-are-made project.

Amongst many other worthy applicants we were lucky to have been selected and are grateful to them for their donation which will be added to the running total with 7 days.

Once again we thank all of you, who have been supporting us throughout this funding campaign as it’s clearly having a tremendous impact. As within 7 days we have received free advertising on the community news page and a four figure donation.

The momentum is starting to build and we have many more meetings with various organisations whom have a larger funding capacity.

The frenetic pace of getting everything done with the clock ticking, takes me back to my fighting days. The pressure is on. The fight has started. However slowly but surely we are starting to land techniques. Giving us confidence that if we keep working hard not only are we in this fight, we can eventually win this battle.

It started at 50k its now down to 47k, and we have only just started.

Come on Warriors lets do this!


Dream Believe Achieve

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