Gym-Shin-Kai Breaks New Boundaries

A massive thank you to Sensei Darren Stringer (4 x World Champion) from Budo Kyokushinkai for passing on his extensive knowledge of martial arts, whilst inspiring children with his technical ability.

Darren’s ‘Gun Shot Pop’ Mawashi Geri

I forgot how quick he is.

Definitely need to sharpen up my pad work, otherwise I fear the concussion that will ensue!

More importantly, a huge shout out must go to all the debutant Trainee ‘Dragon Warriors’ whom attended last nights session.

Well done indeed.

Trainee Dragon Warriors on GymShinKai opening night

Some great potential on display!

All morning our house has been filled with cries of Hi Ya and Osu as they punch and kick repeatedly. The only respite from the cacophony is when they pause and say for the umpteenth time…

‘I can’t believe Uncle Darren chopped this piece of wood Daddy. With his bare hands’!


Thank you Uncle Darren from Makaya

Cheer’s D, for contributing to one of the loudest Saturday mornings in our history, and for making an inspirational difference in their lives!

Look forward to seeing you all next week. Have a great weekend everyone

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Dream Believe Achieve

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