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Oh my days, Team 1 Won Gold…

Whoop Whoop, What a day!

Firstly a massive congratulations to the ickle Warriors who smashed it today.

In front of a packed audience they held their nerve and performed brilliantly to win Gold.

To face your fears and triumph is a special feeling that will live with you forever.

Bravo little ones, your courageous performance will live long in the memory.

You’re the future Mini Warriors in the making.

In addition to see Dan and Charlotte’s polished display in their first British Gymnastics ranking event was a lovely sight to behold.

We are so lucky to have you both. Thank you for all your tremendous hard work. Today’s medal is a justified reflection of your continuous efforts.

The Junior Girls also performed magnificently stepping up a class from last year when they won Silver.

They aced Trampette. However a stumble on tumble meant they just missed out on Bronze, finishing 4th but in that class, is a stunning achievement.

So proud of you lot. Well done indeed.

Furthermore, up against 80 teams that all have purpose built facilities, your heads should be held high.

Finally thank you Parents! For your fantastic loud and continued support.

For transporting your talented children to Bracknell (which took longer than the tourney) but for finding us and allowing us to see your children develop into brilliant athletes.

See you all Tuesday as we continue prepping for the British Qualifiers.

No rest for the talented lol.

Dream Believe Achieve

Warriors Are You Readeeeeee!

The British Gymnastics Southern TeamGym Tournament is today. Nicky, Dan, Charlotte and I, send our love and support to the following…

Warriors In Training

Looking forward to seeing you all make memories for life.

Dream Believe Achieve

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