Harmony = The Definition of Dedication

She will achieve anything she wants to achieve in life

As she proved…

Harmony’s road to success is the perfect example to any gymnast who fears the next stage of development. Commonly known as a ‘block’ is usually the fear of going into the unknown. Add the increased risk factor of linking the next move, its easy to see why at a young age they can be reluctant.

To overcome any fear, a full understanding of what the trigger point of the fear is, is crucial. Then together with the gymnast we can rationalise around the problem, to find the correct preps for a solution to said problem.

In these cases NW empowers the gymnast with all the knowledge to help them find their own way through with constant support.

Wow what a prep. Harmony aged 11

The above Prep written by herself for a Handspring Tuck is truly amazing. The biomechanical understanding is mind blowing. A future coach in the making!

Furthermore week after week she prepped hard and worked her socks off. With Development coach Dan Ford’s constant encouragement, whilst supporting every prep. Including every Standing flick and every linked Round off flick on tumble (trust me that’s hard work) eventually after 2 hardworking years…

She cracked it. Well done Harmony. Your dedication is a lesson to us all. Your a true Warrior and a lesson in Dream Believe Achieve

I did it

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Social Media Pub Conversation Blew My Mind…

Who Knew?

Who do you think was right?

Have you ever eavesdropped a conversation so compelling that you involved yourself?

Whilst enjoying the stunning weather in a pub garden, 2 gentlemen on an adjacent table were discussing the success of their own social media accounts. The conversation was very amicable as they traded various statistics back and forth until it came to followers. You could feel the underlying egocentric tension building and I felt myself mentally drawn into umpiring the debate…

How can you say your strategy is better, when I’ve 16 Thousand followers, and looking to push through the 20k mark?

Impressive stuff I thoughtFifteen Love

Agreed you have 4 times the followers, however they’re spread all over the world. Where ours are concentrated locally. Giving us local Revenue, and easier Logistics. With the chance to geographically meet our clients.

Touché never thought of thatFifteen All

But with the modern delivery systems and collection points why would a global following worry you logistically? I’m quite happy that our customers receive a good service all over the world.

We use amazon and eBay collection points therefore valid point… Thirty Fifteen

Yes I do agree that you can do that, however if one of your best customers lives overseas, how often do you meet them? I really enjoy regular meetings with our best clients and building relationships.

Very good point… Thirty All

Skype, Or any other electronic facetime media easily gets us around that logistical problem.

In this modern world that’s a great pointForty Thirty

Yes but you can’t beat the personal touch. For example I played golf with a local client recently and we found out our children have the same Dance teacher. Which I would have never found out on a Skype call where as 4 hours in his company we discussed various different topics away from business making the bond between us stronger.


At this point I was none the wiser of whom the victor may be of this thrilling battle. However I must confess to being infinitely wiser because of their conversation.

It seems to me whilst they both may have different approaches, each method could be argued as effective as one another.

For me it was a fascinating insight as both made fantastic arguments or at least it was compelling enough for me to become Mr nosey.

Whoever you were, I thank you for the Education. As a newbie to social media it gave me food for thought and hopefully by sharing could help someone else.

Have a great day all

Congratulations and Celebrations…

Whoop Whoop!

It gives me great pleasure in officially announcing that we have a new

British Gymnastics TeamGym Level 2 Coach.

Bravo Charlotte

Fantastic achievement and development, which truly reflects the dedicated person you are.

To say we are proud of you is an understatement and in Nicky’s words…It means the world to her to see your commitment and passion rewarded. Furthermore not only have you become one of the Webster family but a crucial part of the NW Dream.

We salute you Charlotte, keep up the tremendous work.

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The Future is Bright

From Little Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow

A dedication to the most hardworking children we know. Their commitment and desire is only superseded by their development.

We salute you Warriors for showing that if your having fun, you don’t realise your working hard. The evidence is clear, you will be competing this year!

Whoop Whoop!

Your are the Future of this club, and we could not be prouder of how your developing. keep up the good work.

#inspiration #motivation #teamgym #dreambelieveachieve

The Making of Warrior Episode 2


Hard work and good practice will always pay off. Below is proof that as long you keep working towards your goals, you will Achieve.

Episode 2

We salute you Warrior, because during your development you have hit some of the best shapes ever captured on film. The 2 Wall of Fame entries are testament to your commitment in your pursuit of development.

Well done indeed. For showing everyone what can be achieved if your prepared to work for it.

Stay tuned for the next episode featuring a different character same ethos

What’s your real age?

Kids say the most amazing things…

My 5 year old taught me maths today.

‘Daddy who is the oldest out of you and Mum?

‘I’m 51 today, your mum is 43’.

‘So mummy’s older then’.

How did you work that out Makaya?

Well 5+1 = 6 and 4+3 = 7 and at School were learning the bigger number wins so mum is older.


Have a great day everyone as mine has been enlightening.

Competition Fever Begins…

As the summer competition preparations begin, for all first time young competitors, below are the words of one of the strongest minds that ever lived…

As we discussed tonight fear is a natural feeling that we all have. Especially before a competition. However we also agreed that if someone is beside us we feel less fearful going into that situation.

TeamGym provides you with those someone’s, your wonderful ‘Team Mates’

So let the preparatons begin, and let’s face these fears together. As the better prepared you are, the more confidence you will gain.

NW is Looking for you…

Thank you to all who attended. Especially those who travelled from afar and are non NW members.

We hope to see you again at the next NW camp featuring more coaching techniques to help you develop. As promised here are the Pictures for you to download from our NW/GRT Easter Camp.

Until we meet again. Keep developing C & N

@nicky_workshop @gregroe @skyhigh_funabounds #inspiration #motivation #education #dreambelieveachieve

Welcome to Nicky’s WorkShop.

May all who arrive as guests leave as friends.

Fantastic to see so many new and old faces tonight.

On behalf of the Nicky’s WorkShop family it give us great pleasure to welcome all new members to our club.

We have 10 simple rules and one moto.

Rule 1, Have fun.

Rule 2, Be you.

Rule 3, Find your key.

Rule 4, Unlock your potential door.

Rule 5, Feel alive.

Rule 6, High 5 Nix.

Rule 7, Enjoy your progression’s.

Rule 8, Yes you will ache.

Rule 9, You’ll be stronger in time.

Rule 10, You will fail now and then.

Dream Believe Achieve

We can not wait to see your development C & N

Wall of Fame Day 6


Presentation and being ready whilst not defined as a technique, is crucial to the start of any performance.

In our humble opinion, this is the definition of ‘Let the performance begin’. Stunning presentation. Stunning smile.

Well done Warrior. Hope you all had a fab Easter, and cant wait to see you all tomorrow.

The Real Deal…

They say you should not meet your hero’s… UNLESS they are genuine.

Well…..He’s the real deal. As his spacial awareness athletic IQ is only superseded by his personality.

Pleasure to meet you both, and what Greg is to spacial awareness, Trisha is to professionalism.

#gregroe @gregroe #inspiration #education

One in a Trillion

Happy Birthday Dan

And were lucky to have you…

There’s only one way to describe Dan. Sunshine in a bottle. Un cork him and let his effervescence flow. Your parents have done a magnificent job in raising the kindest, most hardworking trustworthy individual we know.

In 18 years your growth has been a pleasure to witness. Furthermore your integral to everything we do and a big reason why we see you as family. Your the light on a cloudy day mate. Have a fantastic day.

Step by Steppers…

The truth will always out…

The road to glory is never an easy one. However over the course of anyone’s coaching career you’re going to come across those athletes who all you need to do is guide them. As they bring everything else to the party themselves.

As mentioned before, heart and desire can not be instilled by a coach. That comes from within. Over the next few months we will be showcasing that passion and the results from always trying to improve

Episode 1

We salute you Warrior for the visual definition of the name

Stay tuned for the next episode featuring a different character same ethos

See How far You’ve Come Episode 2

The evidence of all your hard work part 2


The definition of the above is shown below by the some of the most hard working children that have walked through our doors. Furthermore we are extremely grateful that you stayed.

24 months of solid development

Well done Warriors, fantastic development in 24 months. Stay tuned for the next episode featuring different character’s same ethos.

Dream Believe Achieve

Come and join us and unleash the Warrior within you

#nickys_workshop #hardwork #teamgym #gymnastics #development

Strange things keep happening…

120 minutes later the block was removed…

Following on from Sundays post (A strange thing happened today…) Tuesday’s session was even more phenomenal. As the gymnast (and myself) were coming to grips with the Sensei teachings, the implementation and development of said teachings by the gymnast was remarkable

To see her land this final effort after many close failed attempts as we were packing away was truly magnificent. As 3hrs ago she stood puzzled on an air track facing a block.

Stunning development Warrior. The future looks bright.

Wall of Fame Day 5

Historic Gold Medal Trampette Performance

To be the first gymnastic teams (without a purpose built facility), to win Gold and 2 Silvers at this years British Gymnastics Southern Tournament is their finest achievement to date.

The shot that launched the first ever http://www.NW Flyer has to be included. We would usually go in to some bio mechanical breakdown at this point, however the opposition spectating coaches facial expression conveys more than any words we could write.

Stunning Height. Stunning Shaaaape in Flight. Bravo warrior. Absolute thing of beauty.

#nickysworkshop #stevewalker.photography #inspiration #motivation @stevewalker.photography

How its sounds to be a NW Warrior…

Please turn the volume up!

Tribute to The Best Parental Support in the World

A few Trainee Warriors (aged 5-7)
upon hearing that their development had reached competition standard, have asked what it’s like to compete?

Our reply of 1st have fun. Because whats the point of competing if you don’t enjoy it. Secondly, irrespective of the result, the support from your parents ‘The Loud & Proud Posse’ and the bond with your team mates will remain with you for life. Left them somewhat perplexed…

In the interest of transparency for all those who asked, here is raw uncut footage form 1066 Hastings. No edits. No titles. Just the full performance courtesy of Steve Walker Photography.

Hopefully this explains why they are called the L&PP.

So thank you parents for giving these gymnasts the support they truly deserve and for giving them a memory for life.

So Warriors Are You Readeeeeeee…..?

@nickys_workshop #nickysworkshop #stevewalker.photography @stevewalker.photography #inspiration #motivation

If you go down to the woods today…

Ok we concede you’re having fun…

Easter time is here and like all parents operation keep them occupied begins. Feeling chuffed after nights of logistically planning each day’s activities, with multiple weather options I might add…Our parental schedule was thrown out of the window due to Dan and Charlotte.

Sea world? No Daddy. Cinema to see Dumbo? No Mummy. How about Swimming? No Daddy. The Arcades then…No Mummy.

Well what do you want to do?

Can we go to the Easter Camps to see Dan and Charlotte.

Total parental emasculation right there. So to see what all the fuss is about go to our Easter camp page.

A Strange thing happened today…

Sensei at Work

If you have ever stood and watched an experienced person executing the task that they have mastered. There’s a mesmerising effortless ease in their execution of that task. You feel drawn in to watching the conclusion of their creation because each progression is seamless, to an extent where your compelled to see the finished article of beauty.

A thing of beauty by coach and gymnast

Today was one of those days!

In 60 minutes I witnessed a Coach perform that artistry. Pulling out preps from the 80’s, Nicky used a matrix of biomechanical inputs and obstacles that confused the spectating coaches.

When a block was placed on the tumble track in the embryonic stages of progressions the final outcome was not evident. However like one those upside down paintings it was one of those Wow…I get it now moments.

Stunning Coaching. Stunning development. Stunning day’s learning.

Osu Sensei

See how far you’ve come Episode 1

The evidence of all your hard work

…Or at least try to be

We have been extremely lucky to have some of the most hard working children walk through our doors who naturally demonstrated the above. Furthermore we are extremely grateful that you stayed.

Well done Warriors, stay tuned for the next episode featuring different characters same ethos.

Dream Believe Achieve

#nickys_workshop #hardwork #teamgym #gymnastics #development

Original Warriors Tribute

The reason why we are here. The Original Warriors!

A day I will never forget.

The Greatest of All Time

There’s one thing a coach can not give any athlete…Heart. As the great man so eloquently describes it come from within. This team from 1 to 10 had Ali’s mentality in abundance.

In 2011 the International cup was in its embryonic years. Its popularity now has risen sharply. However back then at the elite level male and female teams competed against each other for the title.

Whilst unique in this aspect, there were obvious biological advantages to the male teams, especially on difficulty.

A team nurtured by Nicky with one outside addition, rose to the challenge and took on the boys in Grand Canarias

1st run…

Never having competed abroad was an attracting proposition to these gymnasts but having witnessed them live in battle the challenge of what stood before them was the real attraction that they could not resist.

2rd Run

Knowing they could not control the others teams difficulty advantage, they endeavoured to being the best they could be.

3rd Run…

Now we wait….

Oh my goodness, nearly 3 clean runs was unprecedented in those days. As teams were pushing the boundaries to gain more points, some moves were…lets say not autonomous and falls were common place.

My biggest regret to date in TeamGym was this very moment. Not appreciating the greatness of the performance I had just witnessed. Furthermore the character of that team. It all happened within my first 6 months coaching with Nicky. I just took it for granted that this is how teamgym was. This is how all athletes train.

8 years on I now realise its how ‘They’ trained and how Nicky coached them, and how as a team they fought for one another. As adults now, mothers, teachers, doctors, the list goes on…but if I’d know your were that good I would of called Spielberg rather than using an I pad.

NOOOO…Note to self should of charged it
Only Silver medal shot we could find in the archives but those that were there know!

Form is temporary Class is permanent. Thank you all as your class has inspired the next generation of Warriors.

Hope this tribute goes someway in repaying my naivety. Or at the very least gives you something to show whomever, the outstanding performance on display. On that day you truly were exceptional.

Until we meet again, Take a bow…

@kestannard89 @kieratoland @bribribear91 @hazeljenkins @alanastabile @samanthawilliams.1 @eileen_kiomi @emilyclayden @alyssa_webb @carolyn_noorderhaven

#nickys_workshop #inspiration #motivation #teamgym #gymnastics

Thank you all for inspiring the next generation.

Wall of Fame day 4

Spot Your Landings

‘To finish 1st first you must Finish’ (Rick Mears Racing driver).

The most important thing in landing any gymnastic move is to see the landing area before you Land. As ridiculously obvious as this sounds, spotting is a crucial art that has to be learnt through progressive phases of your development.

Gold Medal Performance Trampette 1066 Hasting’s Tournament

A Superb demonstration of spotting whilst in an economical
Twisting Shape. No brainer for Wall of Fame selection. Bravo Warrior!

#nickys_workshop @stevewalker.photography #teamgym #dedication #motivation

Wall of Fame Day 3

Historical Day!

In a performance that superseded all our expectations, at this years Bracknell Southern Teamgym Tournament, the 3 NW teams entered secured 1 Gold and 2 Silver’s. Whoop Whoop!

Whilst daunting competing against all the Southern Clubs who have purpose built facilities. Your truly remarkable performance of execution is what shone through and a great confidence booster for the future.

Stunning performance Warriors. Stunning results. Stunning SHAAAAPE’S!

The Straighter the shape the better the Twist.

Warrior in mid transition

Wall of Fame Day 2

Body Tension and Strong arms.

The stronger the body the tighter the shape. Another definite candidate for this years selection. Fantastic work. Those arms!

Well done Warrior

Straight Front off Trampette

#nickys_workshop #stevewalkerphotography #teamgym #dedication #motivation

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