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Oh my days, Team 1 Won Gold…

Whoop Whoop, What a day!

Firstly a massive congratulations to the ickle Warriors who smashed it today.

In front of a packed audience they held their nerve and performed brilliantly to win Gold.

To face your fears and triumph is a special feeling that will live with you forever.

Bravo little ones, your courageous performance will live long in the memory.

You’re the future Mini Warriors in the making.

In addition to see Dan and Charlotte’s polished display in their first British Gymnastics ranking event was a lovely sight to behold.

We are so lucky to have you both. Thank you for all your tremendous hard work. Today’s medal is a justified reflection of your continuous efforts.

The Junior Girls also performed magnificently stepping up a class from last year when they won Silver.

They aced Trampette. However a stumble on tumble meant they just missed out on Bronze, finishing 4th but in that class, is a stunning achievement.

So proud of you lot. Well done indeed.

Furthermore, up against 80 teams that all have purpose built facilities, your heads should be held high.

Finally thank you Parents! For your fantastic loud and continued support.

For transporting your talented children to Bracknell (which took longer than the tourney) but for finding us and allowing us to see your children develop into brilliant athletes.

See you all Tuesday as we continue prepping for the British Qualifiers.

No rest for the talented lol.

Dream Believe Achieve

Warriors Reach New Heights…

In the build up to this years British qualifiers, and the Southern Tournament this Sunday, the Warriors have been working hard on gaining height for multiple twists & future double rotations…

Height Face off in training

If they keep making this kind of progress it can only enhance their chances.

Fantastic implementation of your new sets and the development in such a short space of time is truly inspiring!

Take a bow Warriors.

Dream Believe Achive

Lottie Breaks Through At GymShinKai Debut…

Lovely to see the new faces at tonight’s GymShinKai session to witness something special.

Anyone’s 1st attempt at anything is always a test of the mind. However, your first wood break is always something you will never forget.

It was our pleasure to witness Charlotte Dale step up to the challenge, inspire every young girl watching and show, anything is achievable if you just believe.

Stunning performance. so proud of you, and thank you for inspiring a whole new generation of GymShinKai Warriors. Osu!

In true tradition you always keep your 1st piece

Charlotte’s First Wood Break

Whole session video to follow with special thanks to Sensei Robin Dale. Have a great weekend all.

Dream Believe Achieve

Warriors – Born Or Made?

Mobile Gymnastics Club Fundraising

With 75 days to go please like share and show and together we can make a difference in the opportunities for children in our community.

‘If your kid’s can’t get to the gym, then we will bring the gym to them’

#community #inspiration #motivation

Dream Believe Achieve

Gym-Shin-Kai Breaks New Boundaries

A massive thank you to Sensei Darren Stringer (4 x World Champion) from Budo Kyokushinkai for passing on his extensive knowledge of martial arts, whilst inspiring children with his technical ability.

Darren’s ‘Gun Shot Pop’ Mawashi Geri

I forgot how quick he is.

Definitely need to sharpen up my pad work, otherwise I fear the concussion that will ensue!

More importantly, a huge shout out must go to all the debutant Trainee ‘Dragon Warriors’ whom attended last nights session.

Well done indeed.

Trainee Dragon Warriors on GymShinKai opening night

Some great potential on display!

All morning our house has been filled with cries of Hi Ya and Osu as they punch and kick repeatedly. The only respite from the cacophony is when they pause and say for the umpteenth time…

‘I can’t believe Uncle Darren chopped this piece of wood Daddy. With his bare hands’!


Thank you Uncle Darren from Makaya

Cheer’s D, for contributing to one of the loudest Saturday mornings in our history, and for making an inspirational difference in their lives!

Look forward to seeing you all next week. Have a great weekend everyone

#inspiration #motivation #budokyokushinkai #wherewarriorsaremade

Dream Believe Achieve

Crawley Council ‘Believe’ & Pledge £5000 To Show Their Support in our Mobile Project.

Oh My Goodness! After numerous funding applications and meetings, the funding is now arriving. Thank you Crawley Borough Council Neighbourhood Improvement Fund you have given us hope.

We still have a long way to go, numerous sponsorship meetings to attend and were are running out of time fast, however…

What could you Achieve…

As they have shown above, anything is possible if you Dream, and if your dreams do not scare you….They are not big enough!

If you Believe that Kid’s that can’t get to a gym should have the same opportunity to train, then click the link below and support our community mobile project where we will take the gym to them!

Dream Believe Achieve

New Classes! Gym-Shin-Kai for the Fighting Warrior

We are honoured to announce that our new self defence classes will be starting this Friday 5.00pm till 6.30pm

If you want to get fit, strong and learn how to defend yourself, then Gym-Shin-Kai is for you.

Darren working on speed…

Alongside ourselves we have the amazing 4 x World Champion Sensei Darren Stringer 4th Dan. Whom after successfully completing his 100 man consecutive fights wants to pass on his martial arts knowledge.

Every session, will combine gymnastic conditioning with martial art training & pad work.

For all information please comment below or contact us at

Dream Believe Achieve

Oh My Goodness, Over 1k in 1 Day!

What an unbelievable 24hrs it has been!

We have just received notification from Space Hive that YOU unbelievable people have pledged over £1000 in less than 24hrs.

You Little Beauties

We are flabbergasted, emotional and extremely grateful to each and every one of you for bringing us ever closer to reaching more children in the community.

Our mobile gymnastic project ‘If your children can’t get to the gym, We will bring the gym to the children’ was a dream in Nicky’s head. With your kind help, you have contributed in making this become an exciting reality.

If you believe like we do, that in this hectic modern world ‘Children & Parents’ would benefit from having more sporting opportunities on their door step then please visit smash a like as every little helps.

Thank you for keeping the DREAM alive, and with every pledge we BELIEVE the opportunity grows for more kids to ACHIEVE what ever potential they want to reach.

Whoop Whoop!

#inspiration #motivation #spacehive #wherewarriorsaremade

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