How it works

By providing elite squad level coaching sessions for beginners we were amazed at how quickly they developed.

Teaching the basics precisely and concisely, at the embryonic stage of their development whilst having fun, proved to greatly accelerate the speed of the members progression.

The better the Tuck Jump, the better the Tuck Front

The Back To Sporting Basics approach employed by Nicky’s WorkShop allows any child or adult member to learn the precise basic progressions required for any move. The combination of 30 years coaching experience and a GB International Judges eye, ensures the correct biomechanics are implemented in every session to European Standard.

Providing fun professional pathways to every single level of competitions has created an atmosphere where new members can enjoy their development knowing a perfectly performed forward roll is a Tuck front somersault in the making.

Simple but true.

The faster they progressed, the more enthused that member became to try another progression. Creating a positive learning cycle that repeats until their desired level has been reached.

What Could you Achieve In 36 Months?

Everyone has potential, and it’s our belief that everyone should have the right to achieve that potential’

Nicky Webster

In 8 years from opening, the highly motivational, innovative workshops have produced multiple wining teams. Securing  29 Gold, 16 Silver, & 7 Bronze medals in their first 7 Tournaments.

All this whilst training only 6 to 8 hours per week.

2019 Gold & Silver medalists Southern TeamGym Tournament Bracknell

2017 Gold medalists 1066 Hastings Teamgym Winter Competition

2017 Gold medalists Bracknell TeamGym Summer Competition

2016 Gold medallists 1066 Hastings Teamgym Winter Competition

2015 Gold medalists Bracknell TeamGym Summer Competition

2013 Gold medalists 1066 Hastings Artistic Veterans aged 17 years & above

2011 Silver medalist International TeamGym Cup (Gran Canarias)

Find the Warrior within you.