Junior Warriors

For the Warrior’s who want to compete at the higher levels.

Junior Warrior WorkShops

Invitation only for any gymnast that fits the NW pre requisite criteria

8 hrs per week aged 10-13

Congratulations gymnasts, with your NW pathways complete, your now on the pathway to becoming British Qualification Standard.

At this stage they learn how to fine tune their shapes & streams with their new found strength.

The Straight front somersault a pre requisite before twisting.
The Twisting begins…
Forward tumbling improvements allow for Straight front walkout handspring…

Tuesdays 4.30-7.30 Thursdays 4.30-6.30

Maidenbower Junior School 7 Harvest Road, Crawley, West Sussex. RH10 7RA

Sundays 11-2pm*

*Sunday times may vary during competition cycles as we arrange extra development training at various purpose built facilities across the South East.

Backwards tumbling…
To every gymnast we salute you all as this applies to you.