TeamGym – Group gymnastics at its best

TeamGym is designed for any athlete to develop their gymnastic skills in a supportive, fun environment. The athletes are prepared to showcase their gymnastic skills across 3 disciplines.

Trampette, Floor & Tumble.

All performances are accompanied by a kicking sound track. Creating a unique vibrant atmosphere kids enjoy whilst watching spectacular gymnastics simultaneously.

Teams perform 3 separate runs of Jumps, Somersaults or twists and a vault off a trampette. The streaming (at least 2 gymnast simultaneously moving close together) in conjunction with the complexity of the moves, produces some very exciting performances.

TeamGym competitions may consist of three categories: Women, Men and Mixed teams (an equal number of both). In each of the three categories a teams may consist of between 6 to 12 gymnasts in Great Britain. In Europe it’s 8 to 10.

Part of the Trampette series is performed using a vaulting table.

Southern Tournament Bracknell 2019

Nicky Webster with best seat in the world (Bottom right nearest us) watching The best in TeamGym showing us what can be Achieved…

TeamGym European Championships 2018

Teams perform an optional floor routine within a 14 x 16 metre non-sprung floor area. The routine is accompanied by instrumental music and emphasises strong and smooth teamwork and expressive presentation.

A typical floor routine will consist of 9 difficulty elements including balances, jumps, leaps and acro – not forgetting meticulous choreographical requirements. The choice of elements must suit the level and maturity of the team as well as the music. The aim is a good technical performance, fluent and linked movements and certainty of synchronisation, as well as expressive presentation.


Teams perform a tumbling series on a 15 metre tumbling track with at least 2 gymnasts in motion called streaming. This produces a very dynamic and entertaining performance. Only the highest 2 difficulty elements are counted towards difficulty value but all elements are judged execution.

NW 1066 Hastings Tournament 2017

Each team performs three different rounds and each tumbling series must consist of at least three different acrobatic elements, without intermediate steps.

TeamGym is the perfect way to extend or support the participation of other gymnastics disciplines. It provides a great way to keep in shape and maintain skills and fitness with friends and provides memories for life.

TeamGym routines require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements. Training and competitions generate an excellent team spirit amongst gymnasts with routines providing great entertainment and spectacle for participants and spectators.